Backyard Studio Home Design

LA Mas presented their design concepts for Backyard homes at our February 9, 2019 meeting.

Though their deadline has passed for homeowners who are seeking financing support from their program, they are still accepting applications until May 1st, 2019 for homeowners who would still like to participate and receive support with design, permitting, and construction, but have their own sources of financing.

We are pleased to share the ADU Design Package that is intended to demonstrate their design approach and provide insight to the various types of unit layouts and interior/exterior finishes that homeowners can select. Overall, an applicant’s financial capacity and specific site conditions will determine the type of unit that is best suited to their site.

They will not be doing any customized designs, but the designs in the attached packet may be adapted to fit onto specific sites. It is also possible to select upgrades beyond the included baseline items — these would incur additional costs. The stated prices reflect site conditions that do not require additional work. Additional site work can include, but is not limited to, foundation repair, utilities hook-ups, any special permits beyond those required to complete construction, or any necessary demolition.

Please have interested homeowners reach out to Alejandro Gonzalez at

LA-Más_BYHomes_Homeowner Design Package