We are a part of the city’s (8th district) senior program, providing wholesome, low sodium, low sugar lunches to senior centers. The city’s funding may go away when this pandemic is over but I’d like to continue to provide Take-Out lunch or dinner to people.

City Costs
Lunch – $15
Dinner – $25
Delivery charge to a building is $50

For the senior program,we serve baked or grill chicken or fish, a vegetable (collard greens, green beans/carrots, cabbage, steamed broccoli), a side (macNcheese, red beans, black-eyed peas, rice, yams,potato salad, etc.), green salad and a desert. We also serve Turkey Spaghetti or Chicken linguini with a salad and desert.

People can call and order from our Take Out menu as well. They welcome opportunities with catering to Centers (Seniors, Vets, Homeless, Youth).

Townhouse food

thumbnail of Townhouse To Go Menu