Amerylus Cooper and Ashley GrubbsProject 43 Team Post Center and the good work of Amerylus Cooper and Ashley Grubbs were featured in VoyageLA August 26, 2020.

Project 43 Team Post Center was established in 2019 to provide South Los Angeles with the environment, tools and resources needed to become productive members of society. After the of Ermias “Nipsey Hussle” Asghedom the founder (Amerylus Cooper) was inspired and reminded that this Marathon must continue. The name Project 43 represents the zip code 90043. Also known as The Crenshaw or 8th District. Team Post were popular Centers where community members could go in the 1960s.

These Centers provided an alternative to both youth and adults to hanging out and joining gangs. Team Post provides a positive environment and outlet for the urban communities. The services that will be providing will include but will to be limited to: STEAM, Coding, Robotics, Finical Coaching, Culinary Arts (taught by Melissa Blue of Paris, French) Musial, Theater, and Art training, Job training services and Sports and Recreational services.

Please tell us about Project 43 Team Post Centers INC.
Our mission here at Project 43 is to educate and enrich youth and adults into productive members of society by harvesting creativity and incubating a new generation of innovators. Our vision is to empower, uplift, and unite global communities through services and programs that will further educate and bring social and economic awareness. W will be offering the follow programs but will not be limited.

Finical Literacy- Course to gather how money works: how someone makes, manages and invests it.
After-school Programs – Free tutoring to students grades 6th -12th grades (Math, Reading, Science, SAT and ACT).
Coding Class- Free Saturday Coding Classes from 9am-1pm. E-Sports – Free E-Sports Club that offers the resources needed to compete.
STEM Programs – Introduce students to a variety of STEM professions & engage students in STEM problem-solving.
Adult Workforce Development & Job Placement – Assist job seekers looking for a new or better career.

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