recycle LA

Written by Julia Smith At Large Representative for Park Mesa Heights Community Council.

Happy Woman’s Month to Everyone. It was recently brought to my attention that the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles is suing the City of Los Angeles. The lawsuit filed in Federal Court challenges the City’s alleged Monopolistic trash hauling policies. In 2017 Recycle LA was established, and requires that all commercial and all multifamily residential property owners to contract with the exclusive waste hauling franchise within the “franchised zone”, where their property is located, and makes it illegal for non-franchise waste haulers to provide collection within city limits. Waste hauling fee have increased 200% to 400% or more per year. If you are not a commercial property owner, why should you be concerned?

  1. The cost to owners is passed off to renters and ultimately subjects them to increasing and unaffordable rents.
  2. It voids free enterprise for small business and highly competitive pricing.

In conclusion, community members must steer elected officials from monopolistic schemes and policies. Park Mesa Heights community has lost the EDD facility, the Afiba Center, and now Ralphs. Community resources are being depleted and our beautiful community is becoming a concrete desert. A community can only thrive if resources are available. Elected officials must share resources, and not hoard resources for their own personal interest. Community members deserve transparency and accountability. We must sway elected officials and corporations to adhere to a new business model. The new business model demands compassion and corporate citizenry. Community members must remember that any injustice against one group is an injustice to us all. We may not have the money to sue the City but what can be learned from the Apartment Association is that we have the power to challenge the system and elected officials that continue to ignore our cries for inclusion and racial and economic equity. We must stand together in Solidarity to improve the quality of life for the poor working class in Park Mesa Heights. Let’s stay informed, stay engaged and be the Change.