storm drain plan

The Angeles Mesa Green Infrastructure Corridor Project, a project by the Department of Sanitation is aimed at improving water quality within the Ballona Creek Watershed of the Central Santa Monica Bay (CSMB) Area. However, to improve water quality at Ballona Creek, they start with storm water capture in our community, which also benefits us with flood mitigation and greening of our community.

The green street network is where the project really provides direct benefits to the community: several miles of green streets through the Mesa Heights neighborhood will improve air quality and provide aesthetically appealing green spaces for residents to enjoy year round. Additional trees through the neighborhood will provide shade, reducing the heat island effect and cooling the area for pedestrians and people engaged in active recreation.

trees before and after

Location Map

The project location map shows tree wells in green, bioswales in red and landscaping in yellow, predominately next to Crenshaw High School and along 52nd.

stormwater timeline

The project plan calls for construction as early as fall 2023.

View the complete Fact Sheet: Technical Angeles Mesa GI Corridor Project Fact Sheet