crenshaw horse

Above: “Rumors of War” series, a response to still-standing Confederate statues. The untitled work will be a 27-foot-tall bronze sculpture of a young West African woman atop a horse and headed into battle.

The LA Times reported that the Los Angeles Cultural Commission approved seven sculptures on October 13, 2021. The Getty Foundation is funding $3 million in support of this project to help pay for the art and conservation planning.

crenshaw car culture

Above the LA Times describes, “Three West African Senufo figures anchor “Car Culture.” But instead of being sculpted from wood, they’re made of stainless steel, and the work incorporates fiber optic cables and automotive paint. The figures wear crowns made from what look like the front and back ends of cars, and their headlights and taillights will light up at night. A car engine sits at the top, symbolizing our capacity to engineer our futures by connecting with the past.”

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