Angeles Mesa students doing robotics

March 25, 2022 Update

We received this email update:

I’m very excited to share that our collective community efforts were successful and we received notification that Angeles Mesa has been removed from the list of schools for co-location by Crete Academy! Woo-hoo!!

On behalf of Principal Williams, myself, and our school community, thank you very deeply for your support and contribution to our advocacy efforts. We were so inspired and heartened by your being so accessible with our requests, and supportive of our campaign overall. You are a true testament to the power of service and collective power to make a difference!

We feel a major wind in our sails, and now have the increasingly-urgent mandate to boost enrollment at our school (along with the ever-present need to shout about the dynamic academic program and our kids’ incredible achievement from the rooftops). To that end, we would like to request the opportunity to present at the April 9th General Meeting. We would like to share the update about the charter co-location campaign, extend our heartfelt gratitude, and share additional information about the school’s impending plans. Please let me know if that would be possible.

Thank you again for your support and collaboration. While it’s regretful how in life sometimes connections aren’t made until being in a place of vulnerability or crisis, I’m grateful that our school’s connection to PMHCC has been revived. I hope we continue to collaborate in mutually-supportive ways.

All the best,
Ivory Chambeshi
Angeles Mesa Elementary mother and School Site Council Vice Chair

February 16, 2022

At our General Meeting on February 12, 2022 we heard a presentation regarding a proposed charter for colocation at Angeles Mesa Elementary.

We voted unanimously to support Angeles Mesa against having a charter school co-located on their campus.

PROP 39 – Legally entitles a charter school organization to unused classroom space on a public school campus. Unused classroom space is defined as Classrooms without a register-carrying teacher. The charter is also entitled to
share common spaces on public school campus.
● School Library
● Restrooms
● Playground
● Eating areas
● Parking

The charter school has submitted an offer for 14 classrooms. By law the District must respond with an offer.

6 classrooms at Angeles Mesa are being considered by the district to include in the offer.

8 classrooms are being considered by the district to include in the offer at Western Technology Magnet.


FEBRUARY 1-LAUSD offers a preliminary proposal of schools with space.
This is the time for calls, letters, emails, petitions
MARCH 1-Charter responds
MAY 1-Offer is accepted or declined

Calls can be made to: District 1 Board Member Dr. McKenna
Telephone: (213) 241-6302

See presentation for wording:

PMH No Charter Presentation 2.12.22